Investing in the new Lagos…

pinehurstIts been a while since my last post – and for good reason too.
I and my team have been scouring the Lagos real estate market to bring you our readers reasonably priced deals as well as investment opportunities with high returns on investment within the shortest time possible.

As the Lekki area of Lagos has been coined the “New Lagos”, this month we bring you the Pinehurst estate situated in Ibeju Lekki. A 3 Hectare piece of property by the Lagos lagoon with facilities like- security control center, play area for children, perimeter fencing CCTVs and of course a jetty and Boat club; these are just a few of the modern facilities to be provided in this estate.

Financed by the FCMB bank here in Nigeria, from just over 3 million NGN (8000 USD), you can own a piece of this prime real estate still at its development stage, as prices are sure to reach 20,000 USD pretty soon. Now isn’t this a good deal not to be missed?…

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A townhouse in Ikoyi…

One of the reasons why four or five bedroom terrace apartments or townhouses as some people like to call them are considered unique, is because they can serve as suitable alternatives for renters with large families who do not have the means to rent detached dwellings, or could also serve as home and office space for small business owners.
These deluxe apartments that are usually well built with contemporary and modern fittings, functional gyms and swimming pools provide all the trappings of luxury and exclusiveness suitable for large households and small business owners alike. On our listing is one of such luxury 5 bedroom terrace house in Ikoyi:


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Is Bigger always better?…


The average Nigerian would without a doubt, pick a big house over an apartment if the opportunity arose. for us our mantra is most times – many bedrooms, a large kitchen, a car park that takes 6 cars, multiple bathrooms and living area, just name it. For most of us the mantra “the bigger the better” always holds sway.

However, large homes also come with a huge maintenance cost; especially in a region like ours where infrastructure isn’t as developed as we would like it to be.
Even seasoned realtors will tell you that in this part of the world, large residents are a difficult sell as well as difficult to will to more than one beneficiary.
all hope isn’t lost though.

It’s best to construct or buy houses that can easily be redesigned and reconfigured into smaller units or apartments especially when the kids have left home and there’s no need paying so much to maintain an empty house, or if at some point the owner needs to raise extra income, he could consider leasing out one of the sub units of the whole.
Thinking about it, you could actually eat your cake and have it with this one…


Can I call a friend?…

houseOk..The property looks perfect. But Are you sure about this?…

When inspecting a property you’re considering buying, it makes sense to look at it from another’s point of view; someone whose opinion you trust of course, or better still a seasoned professional.

If you are in such a hurry to buy a property, you just may overlook vital points regarding the property and accept the agent’s explanations at face value. Think about it…


What can I buy with 10k dollars?…

BUNGALOWReal estate is an excellent investment, no doubt about it. But $10,000 (3 million naira) isn’t exactly enough to own property in Ikoyi. It could buy you land elsewhere maybe be used to make a down payment for a house; but not nearly enough for outright ownership of the property…or is it?

You can consider pooling your $10,000 with one or more other investors, and buying an investment property outright; or you could look to buy buildings in sub-urban areas of Lagos like Ikorodu where you can get a 2 bedroom bungalow for below 3 million naira.

Ikorodu is a 45 minute drive from Ikoyi. A faster and cheaper option is to take the Metro ferry which is quite comfortable or better still; own your own boat and dock it at Queens’s drive in Ikoyi. Not surprisingly, many executives and high net worth individuals are opting for this option as they purchase retirement properties for their family and loved ones in these sub urban parts of Lagos.