Lagos to Dubai – A comparison of two cities…

New year – New investments…

It’s said that the population density and high unemployment rate in Lagos make it a far distant choice when compared to life in the desert capital of the world-Dubai.
However, cheaper costs of living, developing economy and growing young population make it a better investment choice.
Think about it and when you’re done, contact us for more information on our investment packages – There’s something for everyone.

Happy New Year…


Moods and colors – The Black and White effect…


Color affects us in so many ways, depending on our age, gender, ethnic background and climate, culture and much more. Certain colors (or groups of colors) tend to get a similar reaction from most people; the variations come from the shades or tones used. This is why it’s so important to choose colors wisely when it comes to decorating.

The Neutrals (aka black, gray, white and brown) are basic to the decorator’s tool kit. All-neutral schemes fall in and out of fashion, but their virtue lies in their flexibility: Add color to liven things up; subtract it to calm things down.

Black is best used in small doses as an accent. Indeed, some experts maintain that every room needs a touch of black to give the room a grounded look and color scheme and also give it depth. From a grey rock as your garden decoration or a black and white throw pillow on your sofa-you can never go wrong by adding a touch of neutrals to your room or garden color scheme…
Quick tip: To make the job easier, rely on the interior designer’s most important color tool: the color wheel.


Bathroom Essentials…


So you recently bought yourself an impressive property in the upscale part of town. Now you have to decide on the design of certain spaces to help turn that house to a home. Starting with the bathroom, here are 3 quick tips to picking yours:

  1. Determine the exact dimensions of the space and consider the types of installations to fit the area such as shower cubicles, bath tubs, sinks, bidets, towel racks…
  2. Investigate the pros and cons of these bathroom essentials and the available designs, colors and brands to fit your budget and determine which works best for your lifestyle.
  3. Find bath fixtures that are a comfortable fit for the person that will use them most. For instance,a bath tub would work better for elderly people than a shower cubicle would. And voila….you’re well on your way to exciting bath times in your home!!

***Some safety tips

  • Factory installed grab bars are important safety measures in bath tubs especially if children or elderly folks are likely to use the facility too.
  • Air expellers could also come in handy for safety measures as well.

Lagos to New York…


A tale of two cities

Nigeria has the largest population on the African continent with over 170 million making it the most populous black nation in the world. It’s reported that in one out of every five black people in the world is a Nigerian.

With Lagos termed ‘the centre of excellence’ and the heart beat of the country; you may be surprised to know that just as the whole world moves to New York, many Africans from all over the continent come to Lagos for a better life.

While the population of New York hovers around 8.4 million, that of Lagos metropolitan area is 20 million and is estimated to reach 27 million by the year 2020 and 42 million by the year 2030…
With such estimates on population growth in this little city of ours, which sits on a land area of just 999 square kilometers, real estate investments are the way to go – Any smart investor would know this…

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Investing in the new Lagos…

pinehurstIts been a while since my last post – and for good reason too.
I and my team have been scouring the Lagos real estate market to bring you our readers reasonably priced deals as well as investment opportunities with high returns on investment within the shortest time possible.

As the Lekki area of Lagos has been coined the “New Lagos”, this month we bring you the Pinehurst estate situated in Ibeju Lekki. A 3 Hectare piece of property by the Lagos lagoon with facilities like- security control center, play area for children, perimeter fencing CCTVs and of course a jetty and Boat club; these are just a few of the modern facilities to be provided in this estate.

Financed by the FCMB bank here in Nigeria, from just over 3 million NGN (8000 USD), you can own a piece of this prime real estate still at its development stage, as prices are sure to reach 20,000 USD pretty soon. Now isn’t this a good deal not to be missed?…

To enquire for more details on this property as well as others on our listing, please email us on